Towing Service

We offer a fast, efficient 24/7 towing services throughout Dublin and surrounding areas.

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Car Towing

Need a car towing service? We open 24/7 and always here when you need us. If your car feels like its going to break down, just pull into a car parking spot or pull over on the side of the road. Make sure to be out of the way of traffic, and remain visible until help has arrived. If you can get the vehicle to a garage I would recommend that first.  

Breaking down can be very nervy and scary to new drivers especially young ones. Don't worry too much and make sure to contact family and ring OTT Recovery the reliable car towing company at 0861952598.  


Quick Response Tow Truck Service

Our tow truck is insured to carry up to 7 persons so all passengers can be brought to safety first time after towing your vehicle to safety. Our large tow truck is more than capable of towing larger vans.

If you break down on a quiet road find a safe place so your vehicle can get a car towing. If you can't find a safe place to ensure the car is as far away from the road as possible to prevent other vehicles from crashing. Pull up your hand brake and switch off the engine of your vehicle. You can also put on the lights and hazard lights to let passers-by know you are broke down. Make an exit from your car, but make the exit from the passenger's side. This will prevent an accident if a vehicle comes from the driver's side. If your vehicle has any other warning features with the car like a reflective jacket or warning triangle use these as they will help your situation. The most important things to remember when broken down are keep calm at all times and to call OTT Recovery Breakdown at 0861952598 the professional car towing company in Dublin and surrounding counties. 

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Our expert team is here to make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of. Make sure to do these steps and we will be with you ASAP

Call 086 195 2598

Call our team and let us know what went wrong with your vehicle and where you want our team to meet you.

Wait For Our Team

Make sure to have your hazards on and any safety tools your car provides. Our team will be with you under 30 mins.

Let Our Team Work

Sit back and relax and let the experts get to work. Make sure to let them know exactly what went wrong when driving.